Mini MBA Program

The Mini MBA Healthcare Management Program responds to the specialized training needs of health service organization executives in management, financial management, human resources management, marketing and strategy.

It is based on the ten-year experience of implementing the Post-Graduate Program of Health Units Management at the French State University of Cnam - Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers, represented in Greece by René Descartes College.

TARGET AUDIENCE: It is addressed to all executives who are employed in administrative, financial and nursing care, who wish to attend a short course of study, but gaining all the knowledge and skills needed to work professionally.

DURATION & PLACE OF IMPLEMENTATION: It is implemented every second week, Friday 17.00-21.00 and Saturday 9.00-15.00, with a total duration of 8 months, at our College premises. It can also be implemented as intra-business training in other places.

THE REPRESENTATIVES: Our rapporteurs are distinguished managers in the healthcare field, holders of postgraduate and doctorate degrees, with a great teaching experience and professors in Cnam's Postgraduate Health Management Program.

ASSESSMENT OF PARTICIPANTS: Participants' evaluation is carried out by teamwork, focusing on issues related to their competencies or the needs of the business they work for. Through teamwork, a spirit of co-operation is built between the participants, with a direct impact on the quality of the work environment. For the successful completion of the program, 70% of the courses are required.

DIPLOMA: At the end of the program, the Mini MBA Management Unit is awarded by René Descartes College.

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University of New Haven’s Full-Time MBA

Start on the Fast Track The University’s full-time MBA program, which is one of only two in Connecticut – and less than 30 across the U.S. – that offer concentrations that are STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) certified by the federal government, enables you to both master new skills through rigorous coursework and build a portfolio of experience through internships and real-world learning opportunities that will prepare you to excel.

Our program is a great choice for those who’ve recently completed an undergraduate degree or who are looking to continue their education straight out of college. The program’s schedule allows for students to complete the program in as few as 12 months for those who meet the criteria to waive the three business foundation courses, and carry a 12-credit hour load. Students who do not meet the waiver criteria may complete the program in less than two years.

All MBA students have the opportunity to engage in service learning, faculty-led research, internship, study abroad, and/or a Shared Live Client Experience (SLiCE) real-world consulting project. These experiences enable our students to develop the critical skills to analyze modern business problems and devise complex solutions, think strategically, and manage all aspects of the modern business enterprise

Our professors, alumni network, and corporate partnerships offer the knowledge, practical experience, personal connections, and placement opportunities that will propel you to career success.

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Executive MBA Designed And Produced


The course takes place over two years and covers all the topics normally addressed in an Executive MBA. It is centred around three strong elements: management, innovation and entrepreneurship.


The 620 hours training course is spread over 24 months. It was thought up in order to allow professionals to follow the course without having to put their work and personal life on hold. For every thematic addressed, a third of the training course is carried out by online lectures, a third is carried out in groups on study cases, and a third brings the whole year together to complete the study.

During the whole of the course, the progress of each participant will be monitored by the accompanying coach. The aim is to optimise both the personal and professional assets of the MBA students for them to perform better in their work responsibilities.

Every year we organise an immersion trip. Whether it be in San Francisco, Tel Aviv or Singapore, it is the opportunity to meet those who are in the digital technology work of tomorrow.

Half-way through the course the Epitech Executive MBA participants will benefit from a three-day course at a GIGN training camp (special task force of the French gendarmerie). The aims are to unite the participants, over-stretch their limits and develop their leadership skills.

In order to respond to the common problems of our alumni, the Epitech Executive MBA was thought up to conciliate a rich professional activity and an apprenticeship “on request”. A large part of the training course is carried out remotely thanks to the teaching tools available that are tutoring, performing and mobile: video courses, case studies and many practical exercises that make it possible to assimilate the state of the art of each subject.

The high point of each training module is the summary at the end of each cycle. During the monthly presence day of the course a synthesis and case study provide the means to consolidate what has been acquired. To end the day, new perspectives are touched upon with a visionary, an expert or else a director of the stockbrokers’ institute.

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Your Future in Business Begins Now

A online masters degree from William & Mary’s Raymond A.

Mason School of Business is based on a simple but revolutionary premise: the most effective way to develop successful business leaders is to provide them with world class instruction and unparalleled opportunities for mentorship and experiential learning.

Top-Tier Faculty

William & Mary’s MBA faculty are consistently ranked among the top in the nation by Bloomberg Businessweek and The Princeton Review. Benefit from the depth of industry experience and research that our expert faculty bring to the online classroom.

Network of Success

Expand your knowledge and opportunities by connecting with talented classmates, successful alumni, top-ranked faculty and the Executive Partners—a group of more than 100 senior business executives from more than 20 different industries.

Learning Online

Our simple and user-friendly digital environment brings together all of the tools you'll need to succeed in your online studies, and organizes them in one easily accessible place. Take advantage of dynamic communications tools to interact with your faculty and classmates.

Discover the Value of Cohort Diversity

Our Online MBA cohorts have historically represented more than a hundred undergraduate universities and an impressively diverse selection of ethnicities, career fields and professional histories. The story these statistics tell is that this program is one in which a variety of voices come together to develop their skills while also contributing to the personal and professional growth of others.

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Adult Learning and Education

The Adult Learning and Education (ALE) program is the oldest graduate adult education program in Canada with historical roots in traditions of social welfare, community development and extension education.

ALE is concerned with the development of scholars and practitioners who will shape society in ways that promote lifelong learning for all. Our ALE program challenges students to understand the diverse contexts in which adult learning occurs and their role in these from a wide variety of theoretical, conceptual and philosophical perspectives.

What is Adult Education?

“Education is life — not a mere preparation for an unknown kind of future living. . . The whole of life is learning; therefore, education can have no ending. This new venture is called adult education — not because it is confined to adults but because adulthood, maturity defines its limits. – Lindeman, E. (1926). The Meaning of Adult Education. New York: New Republic

“My educational background includes certification as a Journeyman Electrician, a BGS and UBC M.Ed. degree completion. Many years of varied work experiences in the USA and Canada as a worker, leader, and instructor, have taught me the importance of learning and helping others to learn too. If you are an adult educator or aspire to be one, the M.Ed. Adult Learning and Education offers the scope, mentorship and reflectivity in achieving that goal. UBC’s M.Ed. in Adult Learning and Education offered me, a Metis, at 65 years of age, the opportunity to gain advanced education skills, and advanced learning processes. My future degree application is to teach vocational trades from the lessons learned and to move forward in building education with others.” — Clayton Underwood

“The MEd helped me to acquire a systems view and to frame, problem solve and communicate. It expanded my understanding of international education and global migration of professionals. I was very pleased with content, process and instruction; faculty were approachable, knowledgeable, supportive and organized. I completed my degree as a part time student while working full time, one course per term.” — Karen Sheehan

“The MEd Adult Learning and Education program has been personally and professionally transformative. From the perspective shifts gained throughout this experience, I now have an inspired vision for my practice and a much greater appreciation for learning and education in a relational world.” — Dawn Smith

“The MEd in Adult Education at UBC gave me a thorough grounding in the theories, principles and practices of adult education while providing ample opportunity for applied learning, specific to my own research and career interests. It was very flexible, practical, and extremely engaging, taught by excellent professors. Because of the program, I was able to make a career transition and also feel I became a more reflective and self-aware educator.” — Fiona Stevenson, M.Ed.

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Study an international masters degree

Study an international masters degree at Hult

Develop the knowledge and skills critical to businesses around the world today and learn to navigate a global landscape that is changing faster than ever before. All of our one-year masters programs are designed so that you continuously apply business knowledge as you acquire it, practice your teamwork and leadership skills, and keep your thinking focused on the future. All Hult’s masters programs give you the option of taking electives at up to two of our global campuses in: Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai, Shanghai, and New York.

Terms & conditions apply

Hult International Business School reserves the right to make changes in the courses offered, requirements for graduation, locations, program fees, and accommodation at any time without notice.

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EDHEC Business School has added two new Global MBA scholarship initiatives to support sustainable business entrepreneurs and encourage European diversity. Applications are open for the September and January intakes and the new guaranteed scholarships, which offer 30% off of our full tuition fees, are still available.

The European Excellence scholarship is open to EU and EEA nationals and offers a 30% reduction off the full tuition fees. In addition, candidates applying for the European Excellence scholarship before the 25th March will benefit from an automatic waiver of the application fee. Ensuring cultural, geographic and professional diversity is a key principle and strength of the EDHEC Global MBA programme – the programme is ranked in the top 5 worldwide for diversity and the new scholarship reflects EDHEC’s commitment to creating a balanced and diverse class.

The Make an Impact scholarship offers the successful candidate a 30% reduction off of the full tuition fee for candidates who can demonstrate their potential to drive sustainability and ethics in business. Sustainability and ethics are a key part of the EDHEC Global MBA 10-month programme as the school recognises the important role that leaders and entrepreneurs must play in developing business ventures and organisations which consider the environmental, social and economic impact to be able to thrive in the future. The scholarship has been created to help encourage and develop more sustainable business entrepreneurs and innovators.

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